Adding Sound Effects

Step 1
Open GarageBand.
Step 2
Click on create new podcast episode, title it, then press create.
Step 3
Select what type of track you want to record(Male Voice or Female Voice)
Step 4
Click the (i) icon in the bottom right and side of your screen.
Step 5
In the bottom left hand corner of that screen click on the word details.
Step 6
The effects that you can add will pop up and you can choose any combination of effects you want.(Echo, Reverb,Compressor just to name a few)(With effects like echo and Reverb you can adjust the amount of that effect you want. That control is directly to the right of the effect you want to adjust.)
Step 7
Now with your effects added and the kind of track you want to record selected record a voice track as you normally would.(For more information on recording voice tracks click here .)