What does an Assistant Director do?

An assistant director is someone that helps the filmmaker in the making of a movie, television show, or any kind of production.
250px-Steamboat-willie-title2.jpgThey also answer questions anyone may come up with and makes sure everyone knows what they are doing. The assistant director makes sure the set is set up the way the story board draws it and keeps up with the time of each scene and makes sure everyone is quiet on the set for filming.

Task of an assistant director include some of the following

1. Setting the shooting time
2. Tracking daily progress
3. Arranging logistics
4. Checking arrival of crew and cast Maintaining order on the set
6. Rehearsing cast and directing extras

Roles of assistant director are usually broken down into Sub-roles:
1. First assistant director

The first assistant director is the one that holds overall responsibility and supervises all jobs that director does not him self do. Sometimes the workload is to much and is broken up in to co- assistant directors such as Second, Second Second, third assistant director and so on

Commonly confused as being director because they are typically the person running around barking orders at everyone.
Usually in charge of maintaining a day to day schedule and making sure everything that is set to be done in one day is done that day. And if work is not completed on schedule they are in charge of rescheduling. Must know completely how to do ever job on the set and know how to answer and or solve any problems actor may have.
2. Second assistant director

Usually in charge of daily call sheet backstage management. Also in charge of putting cast through makeup and wardrobe.
3. Second Second assistant director

4. Third assistant director
works on set with the first and may liaise with the second to move actors from base camp organize crowd scenes, and supervise one or more production assistants.

5. Fourth and/ additional directors

key production assistant may have a number of duties,the aad has two broad job functions.one is contraction of an ad where the ad acts as both 2nd ad and 3rd ad simultaneously.

Online Resources

-Assistant Directors Association


The Assistant Director is the Director's right hand basically so that would mean that you would have to:
- Be organized.
- Keep constant notes of everything that goes on during all the stages of production.
- Learn all the jobs so that you may be able to solve any problem that arises.
- Take the initiative to get everything set up for the film without having to go to the Director for everything.
- Do not make drastic decisions without the consent of the Director.