Associate Producer's usually acts as a representative of the producer who may share financial, creative, or administrative responsible delegated from that producer. The associate producer performs one or more producers functions under the supervisions of a producer. The role is to assist the producer in all aspects of the production of some form of media and are generally responsible for taking over whole sections of a production. The responsibilities of a Associate Producer is to contribute significally to production process as they are responsible for specific elements delegated to them by the producer. The Producer develops the script, works. They must act decisively and sensitively under pressure. As supervisors and enables to other creative people. They also have duty to ensure that their own actions reduce rises to health and safety

What does an Associate Producer do?

An associate producer pretty much does the job of the producer when he/she is too busy. They learn the basic jobs of all positions and help in the creation of scenes and shots. if a problem occurs, it is the associate producer's job the find a way to fix it. In film, the associate producer is responsible for getting the rights for things like music clips. They also aid in the casting of the film, handling the cost for equipment and supplies, and supervision over the production, making sure that everyone is doing their job and on task.

associate producer establishing scene, shot, and take with the clacker

What is an Assistant Producer?

An assistant producer is a key role in film making. The Producer's role controls the safety and success of the entire film. Producing includes the decision making of, business and financial decisions. They select scripts, approve the development of ideas, arrange financing, and determine the size and cost of the project.
Assistant Producer's Role

the associate producer overseeing the work of the controls worker.

The Responsibilities of an Associate Producer:

Problem solving
Planning and Delegation
Developing skills
Raising Production finance
Original Program Ideas and Formats
Able to Work Well Under Pressure
Supervising a Team
Co-coordinating work
Good Work Relationships and Communication Skills
Writing and Editing Skills along with Commentary Skills
Being creative
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Qualifications Needed?
As an assistant producer you don't necessarily have to have a degree but most jobs ask for a bachelor's degree in film or english as a minimum.

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To be an associate producer you must be creative and think outside the box in every situation. For example, if you're filming and can't get rid of the shadows or you need a certain prop, it's your job to figure that out. Everyone depends on you to be the ultimate problem solver, and have a solution for everything. If you see or feel anything wrong and think you can improve on something in anyway you have to speak up. For that reason it is wise to be a well respected person so when orders are given they are followed without second thought, because the person trusts your decision. You can determine the quality of film produced by simply having an answer for any problem presented.external image the_worlds_greatest_problem_solver_card-p137073710876663447q0yk_400.jpg