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What does a Director do?

The director's job is to turn the script that a screenwriter has created into a movie. They manage the quality of the film, the final product, its success, actors/actress, cinematographers, writers, sound, light technicians, even down to the makeup. "In most cases, the directors work on films far longer than any actor, technician, or editor, from the first day of brainstorming to the final release."Link They say "it's a wonder why directing is physically, mentally, and emotionally draining."Link The first day of work is usually made up of meetings and to answer any questions the actors and crew have about the film/script. When the meetings are finished they begin filming, at this time the director is focused on the actors and their performance. At the end of the day they discuss tomorrow's filming and once all the shooting is done for the day, the director, producer, and key crew members will screen the footage. This process is called "watching the dailies".


Being a good director really requires having a good vision. You should also help motivate and encourage the actor/actress to performance at a high level. The film industry is not cheap, so, being a good director requires knowing your budget and managing your money. It is best for you to start off with small budget directing so you can be prepared for the big time directing. It's also good to be able to withstand the long hours having to put into the film/movie. It is also good to start off as an actor so you can have experience in the filming industry.