Launch GarageBand

Start a New Project, name your project, and save into a folder on your computer.

You can highlight and delete the Piano track (Track > Delete Track)

For the audio track, create a new track (Track > New Track) and select the appropriate type of track (Real

Instrument - Vocal - Male or Female Basic)

Click the Record button and speak your text. Press the record button again to stop recording. (You can highlight and delete segments that you do not like. Multiple spoken segments can reside in the same track.

By splitting up your clips, you can control their placement when trying to coordinate voice with music.)

Play back your recording by rewinding and pressing the play button. external image playcontrols.jpg

Now it should look like this!

external image voicetrack.jpg

You may need to adjust the volume to make the recorded track sound right. This is great because some parts of the track might be too quiet or too loud!

external image multivolume.jpg

Adding effects is always a good thing too, With many effects to choose from, Vocals are your digital playground!

To do this, click on Real Instruments and select an effect.

After you've got everything its a good idea to smooth out the audio transitions such as music , sound effects,

and your voice. You can do this by paying attention to the volume curves. Lover the volume curve in order to

fade it out, and then gradually bring it up when the next track is starting. This is the equivalent of a Fade In/Fade

Out in video editing.